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Your Beauty is Important For Us

Would you like to have your cosmetic and surgical operations done while visiting Istanbul, a city that has been a house to three civilisations, one of the world’s most beautiful? Then you’re in the right place.

We provide top-quality cosmetic and surgical operation services, with affordable prices, in Istanbul, Turkey.

Go through cosmetic surgery, mouth & dental operations, and hair transplantation procedures done by experts with many years of experience, also providing you with great advice.

Excellent Quality

Get the best service, by our experienced staff and experts (who specialize in one or several fields). Compared with the service you would have received in Germany, we offer savings in the rates of up to 70%.

Most of our doctors speak German, or, a translator stands available during your procedure.


Choosing us, you get all your service from a single source: from the preparation of a deal to the planning of the trip, accommodation and travel. We are happy to give you advice, free of charge.

Get an idea of how easy and safe the procedures are by receiving consultations from our doctors.

The best design for your facial expression and age…

A person not being happy with how they look is one of the most significant reasons for a decline in the quality of life.

Hair transplantation can be done on both men and women, regardless of gender. Given that the tests and analyses preceding the hair transplant come out clean, the operation can be done immediately.

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